The Oregon Community Colleges Handbook & Planning Guide, 2011 Edition (the Community College Handbook) is a comprehensive resource for Oregon community colleges. The handbook is designed to assist both veteran staff and those new to Oregon community colleges with the state requirements and procedures governing community college operations. We are pleased to transition this handbook to an online application. Providing this information in this format allows for easy, state of the art access. The addition of on-line filing of applications and program changes will significantly contribute to the efficiency of program approval processes, information management and accountability requirements.

The handbook is periodically revised and updated. This edition includes updates and changes to reflect current policies and practices while maintaining the comprehensive body of information college staff have found useful in previous editions. Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) staff are available to assist you in understanding revisions and new applications.

We hope that this electronic application will streamline the work of Oregon’s community colleges and their efforts to continue to provide high quality education and training in response to the needs of community college students, Oregon’s workforce and Oregon’s citizens.

My thanks to all of those who have participated in refreshing this updated version of the Community College Handbook.

Camille Preus
Commissioner, Community Colleges and Workforce Development Department