Every community college is required to assure that there will be fair and open access for Oregonians from all walks of life, and that the while developing programs they will follow state and federal laws that are applicable. Listed below are elements identified by the ​Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), which must be addressed. Additionally, tracking of student progress and expenditures is required and managed through a variety of tracking systems.
Community college local processes are generally designed to fulfill state requirements as well as to the accreditation standards of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).
  • "By documenting the adequacy of its resources and capacity, the institution demonstrates the potential to fulfill its mission, accomplish its core theme objectives, and achieve the intended outcomes of its programs and services, wherever offered and however delivered." (Standards for Accreditation, Standard Two, Introduction, revised 2010) 
  • “The institution regularly and systematically collects data related to clearly defined indicators of achievement, analyzes those data, and formulates evidence-based evaluations of the achievement of core theme objectives." (Standards for Accreditation, Standard ​Four, 4.A.1, revised 2010)
  • "The institution engages in an effective system of evaluation of its programs and services, wherever offered and however delivered, to evaluate achievement of clearly identified program goals or intended outcomes." (Standards for Accreditation, Standard ​Four, ​4.A.2, revised 2010) 
For additional information on accreditation of post secondary institutions, visit the ​NWCCU web site at