Financial Aid for Career Pathway (CPCC) & Less Than One Year (LTOY) Certificates of Completion

Federal and state financial aid is not designed for short-term Certificate programs and does not fund most Career Pathway, Less Than One Year (LTOY), and other stand-alone 12-44 credit Certificate Programs. Career Pathway, LTOY, and other stand-alone Certificates that are 36-44 credits and three terms in length can be submitted on a college’s Program Participation Agreement (PPA) and considered for federal and state financial aid. This guideline is similar for Apprenticeship Certificates.

While many students are not entirely certain of their major goal when they enter community college and apply for financial aid, declaring an associate degree as their major goal allows students the most options to attain a certificate or degree. Students who declare a course of study as an Associate Degree can obtain a Career Pathway Certificate, LTOY, or other stand-alone Certificate as they complete the required coursework toward attaining their degree goal. Career Pathway Certificates & Less Than One Year Certificates are “momentum points” in student progression toward an associate degree.