Sample Program Summary

The Landscape Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed to meet the educational and training needs of new students and incumbent workers who design and maintain landscapes for residential, commercial and park properties, provide tree care, apply chemicals and manage related businesses. Courses are aligned with the national standards of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. Certification is available for students who complete the program as a Certified Landscape Technician, a Certified Arborist and a Landscape Contractor.

This AAS covers a full range of content and skill preparation that has immediate application. XYZ Community College offers a landscape certificate within the Horticulture AAS degree that is specifically targeted to the need of horticulture students. This program is the culmination of extensive collaboration between a cadre of workforce and industry partners and leverages existing resources.

Sample ​Program ​Outcomes for Landscape AAS

Students completing the AAS will:

  • Perform skills and use equipment necessary to propagate, transplant, fertilize, irrigate, prune, and otherwise regulate growth of plants used in landscape operations.
  • Recognize, name, and understand management requirements for plants commonly grown in the Oregon landscape industry and their associated pests.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of government regulations related tolandscape operations, workplace safety, water regulations, pesticide safety, and crop sanitation requirements to effectively manage within the landscape industry.
  • Evaluate production practices in terms of currently understood principles of sustainability.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of landscape design principles.