The application provides for signature by the chief academic officer or the president. This person assures that the requirements of the following have been completed:

  1. That the proposed program described in the application has been approved by the college,
  2. That the college administrator affirms that the state and federal laws and the standards of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) have been met, and
  3. That the program application is ready to be reviewed by CCWD staff.

College Authority Signature

(Applications must be signed by the chief academic officer or the president)

I have reviewed this application and supporting documents and attest to the accuracy, clarity, and completeness. The college will comply with the following assurances:
  1. Access. The college and program will affirmatively provide access, accommodations, flexibility, and additional/supplemental services for special populations and protected classes of students.
  2. Continuous improvement. The college has assessment, evaluation, feedback, and continuous improvement processes or systems in place. For the proposed program, there will be opportunities for input from and concerning the instructor(s), students, employers, and other partners/stakeholders. Program need and labor market information will be periodically re-evaluated and changes will be requested as needed.
  3. Adverse impact & detrimental duplication. The college will follow all current laws, rules, and procedures and has made good faith efforts to avoid or resolve adverse intersegmental and intrasegmental impact and detrimental duplication problems with other relevant programs or institutions.
  4. Program records maintenance & congruence. The college acknowledges that the records concerning the program title, curriculum, CIP code, credit hours, and other identifying and descriptive information maintained by the Department are the official records and it is the college’s responsibility to keep the college records aligned with those of the Department. The college will not make changes to the program without informing and/or receiving approval from the Department.

Our staff has worked closely withCCWD staff in the development of the proposed program and completion of this application. The proposed program:

  1. Has been designed to meet the ​Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) approval standards for Need, Collaboration, Alignment, Design, and Capacity, as well as the elements listed that are essential to a quality program;
  2. The college board has approved the proposed program described in this application;
  3. All local campus procedures have been completed; and
  4. This program is ready to be reviewed by CCWD staff on behalf of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).

It is understood that documentation or evidence may be requested by CCWD staff if additional information is needed.