Standard A - Need

Need: The community college provides clear evidence of the need for the program.

A needs analysis is necessary before a Notice of Application for a New Program is submitted. Programs must be based on clearly identified need(s) in order to serve the students effectively and remain viable.

Program Elements

  1. The program need is indicated by valid and reliable labor market sources.
  2. The program need is based on demand that is not being met by training provided in existing programs.
  3. The program will lead to jobs with competitive wages and wage progression for program completers.

Guiding Questions

  1. Does the workforce data show that the program is needed?
  2. Can training currently be provided without creating a new program?
  3. What data sources have been used in addition to the Employment Department, e.g. professional organizations, national census and regional workforce specialists?
  4. What employment opportunities, career advancement and opportunities for additional training exist for students who complete the program?

Sample Program Highlights Statements

Landscape and related jobs continue to show growth in Oregon;

  • Business contractors expect 30% growth in immediate future based on _________ (source)
  • Individual contractors expect 23% growth in immediate future based on _________ (source)
  • Projected landscape employment/ Region 15 (XXX County) next year: 1,757
  • Projected openings in XXX County next year:
    • Supervisors and Managers: 36
    • Landscaping and groundskeeping workers:  560
                Pesticide handlers, sprayers and applicators:  21
                Tree trimmers and pruners:  110

Currently only two Oregon community colleges provide instruction specific to landscape design; they are located in the North and South sectors of the state and students are on waiting lists.

Salary range: from $23,000 for workers to $42,000 for managers.

Note: These statements and data are examples and are not intended to be replicated; more or less information may be required depending on the program.

Standard A: Supporting ​Documentation/​Evidence ​Worksheet

  1. Labor Market Information (LMI) Worksheet REQUIRED, as noted in Attachment 2.
  2. Summaries of similar programs offered by other providers, how the proposed program compares and why it is needed, evidence of unmet training and workforce need.
  3. Explanation of why the training need cannot be met through existing courses, trainings or programs offered by the college.
  4. Explanation of why the college is not a partner with another college or approved program and is not creating a statewide program.
  5. Advisory committee minutes demonstrating the determination of need.
  6. Written support from relevant employers, workforce development agencies, and/or professional/trade associations.
  7. Employment needs surveys or similar documents.
  8. Documentation from professional literature, local/county/regional documents and sources, and/or local press sources.
  9. Other documentation/evidence that describes the program development.