Quick Reference of Key Steps to Program Approval and Related Timelines

These steps are the responsibility of college staff unless noted it is a CCWD-​ODE staff function.


1. Contact your College Point of Contact (POC) for guidance on campus and state program approval information.

1. As soon as the idea arises and discussion begins.

2. Complete a thorough need analysis concerning the proposed program; assemble the appropriate information and documents, including the Labor Market Information (LMI) Worksheet.

Additional Labor Market Information is available at www.qualityinfo.org/

2. When there is a clear indication that the program idea is viable and early in the discussions and planning, stage, before designing the program.

3. Contact the CCWD Education Specialist to advise them of an upcoming application.

3. Early in the program planning and before designing the program.

4. Complete campus procedures and secure necessary local approvals to apply for the program; notify the College POC.

4. As soon as all necessary information is ready.

5. Research the CIP Code and title for appropriateness.

5. Before submission of the Notice of Application.

6. Submission (by POC), the Notice of Application with the Labor Market Information Worksheet through the Oregon Community College Program Submission System​ at www.ccwdwebforms.net.

6. Submission by the first Friday of the month for distribution on the second Friday of the month; must be clear, succinct and complete to move forward.

7. Submission of the Application including the proposed curriculum form to CCWD-​ODE through the Oregon Community College Program Submission System​ (also known as WebForms) at www.ccwdwebforms.net​.

7. Submission must be no later than the first Friday of the month for consideration by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) the next month.*

*The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Calendar (typically does not meet in July and does not review programs in August)

8. Reviews of the application in consultation with college staff by CCWD-​ODE. 8. & 9. Review and finalization of the Program Abstract by CCWD-​ODE staff may take from one week to one month depending on the availability of the Education Specialist and the extent of review necessary. 
9. Finalization of the Program Abstract for the State Board by the Education Specialist. Review conducted by the CCWD Assistant Commissioner before the Program Abstract is added to the HECC docket.
10. Addition of Program Abstract to the HECC docket. 10. Three weeks before the ​HECC Meeting.
11. Action taken by the HECC; college staff are not required to attend. 11. Generally, the second Thursday of the month, subject to change.
12. Issuance of approval letter by CCWD-​ODE to the community college president providing official approval to offer the proposed program. 12. Usually sent within 10 business days.