Oregon Administrative Rule 589-006-0050 (6) defines the Associate of General Studies (AGS) as a state-approved associate degree that is intended to prepare students to transfer into upper division courses for a baccalaureate degree. 


The Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree is intended to meet individual student needs using a variety of collegiate level courses to meet degree requirements. "Associate of General Studies" appears on the student's degree transcript. Specific program designation or focus may also appear on the transcript of degree. Academic or career and technical education courses used to satisfy AGS degree requirements must be collegiate level.

General Requirements

Local community colleges are responsible for clearly defining the requirements for the AGS degree. At a minimum, the AGS degree must include:

  • 90-108 quarter credits or equivalent proficiency,
  • Recognizable core of general education courses, and
  • Established standards of academic achievement (e.g., grade point average).


  • Any combination of ​Lower ​Division Collegiate (LDC) transfer and/or
  • Collegiate​-level ​Career and ​Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Notes & Clarifications

  1. The Associate of General Studies degree is not to be advertised or communicated to students as occupational preparation, and is not to be used instead of a state approved occupational preparatory Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or ​Certificate of Completion program.
  2. All colleges are pre-approved to offer this degree.