Career Pathways offer more than 450 Career & Technical Education (CTE) short-term certificates for students and workers across Oregon.  These certificates are aligned to entry-level jobs or job advancement competencies identified by local employers.  Career Pathway prepare students for middle-skill occupations--jobs that require more than a high school degree but less than a four-year degree.  

What Are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways are linked education and training services and student supports that enable individuals, often while they are working, to secure industry relevant certification and advance over time to higher levels of education and employment in a given occupation or industry sector.

Career Pathway Certificate of Completion (CPCC) and Less Than One Year certificates (LTOY) are short-term certificates (12-44 credits) that can be completed in 2-4 terms and can be “stacked” to an associate degree.

Career Pathway Initiative Goals: Certificate Completion & Continued Education

  • To increase the number of Oregonians with Career & Technical Education (CTE) certificates, credentials, and degrees in demand occupations supporting Oregon’s 40-40-20 mission: 40% of Oregonians have completed a postsecondary certificate or associate degree by 2025
  • To articulate and ease student transitions across the education continuum from high school to community college; from pre-college (ABE/GED/ESL) to credit postsecondary; and from community college to university or employment.
  • The ​Career Pathways model encompasses nine dimensions:leadership, leveraging resources, certificates and roadmaps, articulation with high schools and universities, pathways for adult basic skills (ABS) students, student services and supports, connection with workforce partners, employer engagement, & using data for continuous improvement / coordination with institutional research.
  • CERTIFICATES. More than 350 Career Pathway Certificate of Completion (CPCC) (12-44 credits) in Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs approved and offered statewide at Oregon community colleges.The Oregon State Board of Education approved the new certificates on July 1, 2007. More than 120 Less Than One Year Certificates (LTOY) are offered statewide (12-44 credits).
  • More than 10,000 certificates awarded statewide (Career Pathway & Less Than One Year certificates) from 2009 through 2014.
  • CAREER PATHWAY VIDEOS. Learn more about Career Pathway.Two videos available (30 seconds & 90 seconds):
  • ROADMAPS. More than 450 online roadmaps are available with links to articulations with high schools and universities and other entry and exit points.Find along the pathway employment and labor market information, including secondary and pre-college “entry points”, stackable certificate options, university and continuing education “exit points”, and more.
  • Each of Oregon’s 17 community colleges has Career Pathways roadmaps webpage. Go to to access each community college’s roadmap and certificates.

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  • Career Pathway Roadmaps can also be accessed through the Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS) occupational reports by clicking on the “Career Pathway Roadmap” link on each report at
  • HIGH SCHOOL TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROGRAMS OF STUDY TEMPLATES. More than 400 Program of Study Templates (POSTs) have been developed. These online templates map high school coursework (9th-12th grades) articulated to community college CTE certificates and associate degrees.

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