Overview of the GED® Program

The GED® program serves as a bridge to higher education, trade schools, apprenticeship programs and employment opportunities for Oregonians who have not earned a high school diploma. The program provides the GED® test to adults without a high school credential. Sixteen and 17 year olds may test if they are enrolled in an approved Oregon Option program or exempted from compulsory attendance by a school district.

2014 GED® Test Series

The new 2014 GED® test series has increased an emphasis on testing knowledge and skills needed for the workplace and for higher education. The 2014 GED® Test series covers four academic areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning. In addition to subject knowledge, the tests are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Career and College Readiness Standards (CCRS).

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