Oregon community colleges use a standard program approval process for all AAS Degree, AAS option and ​Certificate of ​Completion programs. Local level decision making, with major involvement of local and regional business, industry, labor and workforce development organizations is required. Before developing a new program, community colleges are responsible for conducting an environmental scan; labor market information and research; and a needs analysis to determine program viability and sustainability.  

Colleges must conduct sufficient research to determine labor market need for the proposed program. Oregon Employment Department economists and analysts can provide occupational and industry projections for local, regional and statewide labor markets. However, colleges may discover that occupational data are not readily available for the proposed program. Under these circumstances, colleges may contact professional, trade or industry associations, consult with advisory committees, or conduct their own labor market surveys to establish labor market need. For Oregon Employment Department labor market information, visit the Oregon Labor Market Information system (OLMIS) website at http://www.qualityinfo.org.

All AAS degree, AAS option and ​Certificate of ​Completion programs, must meet the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) standards for approval.

The “CTE New Program Application Planning Guide and Application Worksheet” presents a general overview of what colleges need to consider and include as they propose a new program for state approval.  It is found on CCWD’s Application and Instructions webpage at http://www.odccwd.state.or.us/prgapproval/appsandwkshts.aspx.

Oregon Community College Program Submission System - Webforms

All Oregon Community College CTE program approval is processed through the Oregon Community College Program Submission System, also known as WebForms. For access to the system,​ see http://ccwdwebforms.net/.